The Wynni and Sid Story

So...what do 2 middle aged empty nesters do when they finally have the house to themselves? You guessed it, you get yourself a couple of mini dachshunds!!

Wynni came 1st, and a year later when we decided she needed company when we were not home so we got Sid. They are brother and sister (Brother from another Mother but same Dad) To say we are obsessed with these two would be an understatement.

What goes into those little tummy's is something we constantly worry about. We are committed to them living their best life. Food is so important to our puppies health and longevity. The only way we could really know what they are eating was to make the treats ourselves.....hence the birth of Ultimutt Dog Bites.

Most of the ingredients are sourced from an organic grocery store where all the products are certified. Nothing artificial, all fresh and natural. If we cannot source organic, you know its still going to be fresh and tasty.

We know your best buddies will love these treats as much as Wynni and Sid do!




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